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The Davenport House Patient Participation Group (more commonly known as ‘the PPG’ or ‘Patient Group’) was formed in 1993.  The objectives of the Patient Group are:

To influence the future policies and decisions of the practice.

To improve the quality of services offered to patients of the practice.

To improve communication and understanding between the doctors and members of the practice staff on the one hand and the  patients of the practice on the other.

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By Anthea Doran, Practice Manager


Surgery Snippets

The Appointment System

The new appointment system trialled earlier in the year by Dr Chan has now been introduced across the Practice, with early feedback indicating that this has been positively received by our patients.  All of our GPs are now able to offer appointments which are pre-bookable by phone, on-line or via the automated system 3 days, 7 days and 14 days in advance, which has decreased the demand for ‘on the day’ appointments by offering flexibility.

At times, demand versus capacity continues to be an issue and this is not unique to Davenport House, but more a reflection on the current pressures on General Practice and the NHS as a whole.  However, the partners and staff continue to look at new and innovative ways to provide quality services and easily accessible care.  One of the key tasks of my role is to listen to patient feedback and help to resolve patient concerns.  The appointment system has given cause for negative feedback for a while, but I’m pleased to say that since the introduction of the new system feedback has become much more positive and negative feedback has significantly decreased.

On-Line Patient Services Update

Our software supplier Vision have made some positive changes to online patient services which has resolved some of the log-in issues experienced by a few of our patients.  If you are still experiencing problems, please send prescription requests directly to the Surgery at, where our team will process your request and look into your individual access problems.

Flu Vaccinations

The flu season is approaching fast and the Surgery is gearing up for the annual flu vaccination programme.  We would like to remind all our patients that flu vaccinations are available free of charge at the Surgery for all those aged 65 and over, and to those deemed as high risk, such as patients suffering from Chronic respiratory disease / COPD / Asthma requiring regular inhaled steroids / Chronic heart, liver and kidney disease / Chronic neurological disease / Stroke / Diabetes / Immunosuppression, along with Carers & Pregnant women.  

Flu vaccination appointments will be available from mid-September, with two additional Saturday morning ‘Flu Clinics’ available on Saturday 8 October and Saturday 12 November.  If you are seeing your GP or one of our nurses during the flu season, they will be happy to give eligible patients their vaccination. There is no need to attend for a separate appointment.

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Shannon Peacock, Practice Manager

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Patient Group Newsletter

The Autumn 2016 edition of our newsletter will soon be distributed to Members.

If you do not receive a copy in the near future or would like to comment on any article or suggest a topic for a future article, please email the newsletter editor.

Clinical Commissioning Groups

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Have Your Say

The Patient Group offers its members a stimulating programme of health related talks and discussions at Rothamsted and the Surgery; the talks are well received but on occasions have been poorly attended. Have you been to a talk recently and, if not, what might encourage you to attend?

Please email the committee member responsible for Education, Sheila Uppington, with your comments.

For comments about the PPG in general please email the Chairman.

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Formed in 1978, the National Association for Patient Participation promotes and supports patient participation in primary care.

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